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About Valpolicella Wine Area

Known as the “Garden of Verona”, Valpolicella is a gorgeous valley north-west of the Romeo and Juliet’s city of Verona. Here, among cherry trees and olive groves, you will find some of the finest wines of the north of Italy, the most famous of them probably being Amarone.

About Valpolicella DOC Wines: Amarone is a dry red wine, dense and concentrated, with a velvety texture. Fresh and fruity, Amarone discloses highly aromatic notes that can include all forms of cherry, such as the cooked, dried, and maraschino types, coffee, almonds, and leather. Recioto DOCG is a sweet white wine of light golden yellow color. The aroma is intense and fruity, the taste harmonious and velvety, with light almond flavor.

When it’s best to drink them? At least 2 years for Amarone. After then, the older the better, even 10 years from the harvest. 2 to 4 years from harvest for Recioto.

Pairings for Valpolicella DOC Wines: Great pairings for Amarone are strong cheeses (such as gorgonzola), risotto, and tripe, just to name a few. Reciolo is an excellent dessert wine, which goes marvelously with the Pandoro di Verona (Veneto’s version of panettone) and dry pastries.

Where are Amarone and Recioto produced?The Amarone DOCG e Recioto DOCG are produced in Valpolicella, in the province of Verona, Veneto. Not to be missed in this area are the villages of San Martino Buon Albergo, San Pietro in Cariano (famous for its Venetian villas), and the picturesque hamlet of Marano.

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Valpolicella Wine Area

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