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About Portofino - Golfo Tigullio

The region of Golfo Tigullio is renowned for its rich traditions in art, history and culture. It is located in the province of Genoa in the Liguria region of Italy. Its spectacular landscape encompasses inland valleys and a stunning coastline, which stretches from Camogli to Moneglia. The towns are easily accessible by train or boat.

Golfo Tigullio Weather: July and August are the warmest months with daily averages of 27.7 C, or 82 F. With daily averages of 12.7 C, or 55 F, December and January are the mildest months.

Regional Cuisine of Golfo Tigullio: Ham, salami, pesto, artichoke, mussels, pine nuts, porcini mushrooms and olive oil

Regional Wines of Golfo Tigullio: Golfo del Tigullio Rosso Novello DOC, Golfo Tigullio Ciliegiolo DOC, Golfo del Tigullio Rosso DOC, Golfo Tigullio Ciliegiolo Novello

Things to do in Golfo Tigullio: Castello Brown, Chiesa di San Giorgio, Museo del Parco, illa Durazzo Centurione, Abbazia di San Fruttuoso, Portofino Natural Park

Where is Golfo Tigullio? Golfo Tigullio is located in the Ligura region of Italy in the province of Genoa on the beautiful Italian Riviera.

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Genoa Art
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Santa Margherita Ligure


santa margherita ligure beach
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Traveler Stories

Why I love Portofino - Golfo Tigullio

With Punta Manara on the east and the Mount of Portofino on the west, Gulfo Tigullio affords spectacular scenery.

The area of Golfo Trigullio traces its origins back to the second and third centuries B.C. Walking through the towns and cities replete with ancient buildings, monuments and museums, I was fascinated by the history tracing back to the Ligurians and Romans.

The towns today are marvelous places to visit. The world-class shopping, restaurants and magnificent, jewel blue waters of the sea are captivating. I wanted to stay here forever and revel in the natural beauty of the land.

The fresh seafood, served at restaurants the same day it is caught, made a lasting impression on me. I am already planning my next trip to this splendid region.

About the author

Leanne visited Cinque Terre three years ago while traveling through Italy and fell in love with the beauty of the region.

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chiavari beach
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Can I travel to Cinque Terre for a day trip?


Can I travel to Cinque Terre for a day trip?

Yes! "The five lands" should definitely be visited while staying in the region. They are easily accessible by train from La Spezia. The train should be exited at Riomaggiore, the first village.

Each of the five towns has its own dialect and unique culture. The towns are perched high above majestic jagged cliffs, looking out over the Ligurian Sea. There is also a boat and a beautiful five-hour hiking trail that links them.

Each of the towns has a place to enjoy sunning and swimming in the sea. The water is full of colorful fish, so pack goggles! Some beaches have pebbles, so swim shoes are recommended.

Insider Tip: A visit to Cinque Terre will involve plenty of climbing and stairs.




recco beach
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portofino beach
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Travel Tips

Things worth remembering in Portofino - Golfo Tigullio

Fun Fact: A 2.5-meter statue of Christ stands in 15 meters of water in the bay between Camogli and Portofino near the Abbey of Fruttuoso.

Local Dish: Farinata is made from chickpea flour, water, salt and olive oil. It is baked at a very high temperature and served with pesto or Stracchino cheese.

Local Day Trip: The Gulf of Poets is a naturally beautiful place. It is named after the famous writers Percy Bysshe Shelley, Dante and Lord Byron, who all loved to visit.

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camogli beach
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What are some of the towns I should visit on my trip?


What are some of the towns I should visit on my trip?

Chiavari is a wonderful city. It has many historic buildings worth visiting, including the Church of San Salvatore di Lavagna and castles, arcades and mansions dating back to the 13th century. The city is known for its delicate lace, silk and chair manufacturing.

The largest seaside resort town on the Italian Riviera is Rapallo. Known for its castle on a promontory, there are streets lined with boutiques, a promenade along the water and a picturesque harbor. Take the funicular to visit Montallegro up the hill!

Portofino attracts tourists by the thousands due to its stunning harbor, pastel-colored houses lining the shore and renowned shops and restaurants. Historical sites include Castello Brown and San Giorgio Church and Lighthouse.




rapallo beach
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