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pantelleria wine

About Pantelleria

Passito di Pantelleria is a sweet and mellow white wine produced in Pantelleria, a beautiful and wild island on the south coast of Sicily. Pantelleria, like the rest of Sicily, had a strong Arab influence in the past. Zibibbo, also known as Moscato of Alexandria, is the main grape from which Passito is produced, zibibbo translating to raisin in Arabic.

About Passito di Pantelleria: Passito is made at least for the 85% from Zibibbo grapes. This sweet and mellow aromatic white wine has a yellow color, which ranges from bright to amber tonalities. Its marked and characteristic bouquet offers flavors of honey, candied orange, dates, dry figs, and sweet white flowers.

When it’s best to drink Passito di Pantelleria? 1 to 2 years from the harvest.

Pairings for Passito di Pantelleria: Traditionally paired with typical Sicilian dessert and dry pastry, you can drink Passito alone as well. This wine goes well with herbal and spicy cheeses and sea food and shellfish dishes.

Where is Passito di Pantelleria produced? In the Pantelleria Island, south-west of Trapani, Sicily.

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pantelleria wine
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