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About Ortles

Ortles is a vast ski area (16 resorts) in the heart of the Stelvio National Park. The Ortles, also known as the “King” Ortles, is the highest mountain of South Tyrol.

Useful Ski Info: There are slopes for beginners and families with kids, such as those nearby the village of Trafoi, and slopes for more advanced skiers, such as those on the Solda glacier. Other popular winter sports here include snowboarding, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ice-skating, and hiking.

Lifts and Slopes in Ortles: 16 ski areas, 66 lifts, and 300 km (186 mi) of slopes. Slopes include 43 blue, 54 red, 24 black.

Ski pass Info: The Ortles Arena ski pass gives you access to the entire ski area. The Val Venosta ski pass, instead, gives you access only to the ski areas of Belpiano, Malga S. Valentino, Maseben, Watles, Solda, Trafoi, and Minschuns (Switzerland).

Weather in Ortles: Winters are cold and snowy, with snow guaranteed throughout the winter season till spring. Snowmaking is available in the unlikely event of low snow levels.

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Is the Ortles ski area family-friendly?


Is the Ortles ski area family-friendly?

Yes! The Ortles ski area is very welcoming to families with children. To accommodate children of all ages, Ortles offers different recreational activities such as climbing, an adventure camp in the woods and ski lessons for both downhill and cross-country skiing at every experience level.

Families looking to take a break after a day at the slopes may enjoy visiting cultural attractions such as the Messner Mountain Museum Ortles, which houses important paintings from local artists as well as sculptures and other works of art. Those interested in the history of alpine sports can visit the Alpine Curiosa by Reinhold Messner and learn about Alpine legends.


What's the best way to visit the Stelvio National Park in 1 day?


What's the best way to visit the Stelvio National Park in 1 day?

To visit the Stelvio National Park in Ortles in just one day, you may need to decide first whether you want to check out the nature centers. The nature centers include the Naturatrafoi, which offers examples, information and demonstrations of the area's flora, fauna and geology. The Aquaprad introduces guests to the fish in the area while the Culturamartell focuses on local culture.

The park offers a variety of specific itineraries for single-day excursions, which are graded by hiking experience level. Tourists with minimal hiking experience could consider the six-hour Centennial Glaciological Trail or the A Walk in Val Venosta excursion, another six-hour trek, graded at the easy level.


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