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About Lampedusa

Lampedusa is part of the Isole Pelagie located between Tunisia and Malta. It is approximately 170 kilometers southwest of Sicily and accessible by boat or airplane. The island is only about three kilometers wide and 11 kilometers in length. Walking, bicycling or riding a moped is how the average citizen gets around town. Lampedusa has lively ports that employ many of the local residents.

Lampedusa Weather: August is the hottest month on Lampedusa with average temperatures about 32 degrees C, or 89 degrees F. January is the coolest with average temperatures around 15 degrees C, or 59 degrees F.

Regional Cuisine of Lampedusa: Oysters, grapes, figs, olives, sardines, anchovies

Regional Wines of Lampedusa: Muscat, Raisin, Zibibbo

Things to Do in Lampedusa: Baia dell’Isola dei Conigli, Tabaccara, Baia della Madonnina, Grotta del Teschio

Where is Lampedusa? Lampedusa is situated on the Mediterranean Sea between Italy and Tunisia. It is the southernmost point in all of Italy; it is closer to Africa than it is to the Italian mainland.

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Traveler Stories

Why I love Lampedusa

To me, travel is an escape from everyday life; on the island of Lampedusa, escape is exactly what I found.

Lampedusa is closer to Africa than Italy, though it is considered part of the autonomous region of Sicily. Because of this, it can seem very far from other areas of Italy.

One of my fondest memories started while riding around Lampedusa. I was on a rented moped, the weather was spectacular, and the scenery was unforgettable. My partner and I were stopped by a sign that showed boat rentals around the island. Since it was early in the day, we chose to rent one. Never in my life could I ever have imagined the views from the ocean looking back upon the island. It is something I hope to never forget.

About the author

Christa is an avid art lover. She has traveled extensively throughout Italy and the Mediterranean over the past five years.

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What are the best beaches to visit while in Lampedusa?


What are the best beaches to visit while in Lampedusa?

The most well-known beach on the island is called Rabbit Beach. Located about 10 minutes from the island’s central hub, the beach provides space for sunbathing as well as rock hopping. Go early to stake out a good spot and enjoy the soft sand and incredible views.

Lampedusa cala Pulcino is a beautiful beach that can be reached at the end of a 40-minute hike or by private boat. Head out early in the morning with good walking shoes and enjoy a picnic on the warm rocks.

The soft sand of Cala Guitgia makes this beach a great place for families to visit and play. Beach chairs and umbrellas can be rented, and the town just a short walk away offers plenty of dining and shopping opportunities.


Travel Tips

Things worth remembering in Lampedusa

Fun Fact: Rabbit Beach in Lampedusa was voted the No. 1 beach in the world in 2013.

Local Dish: Try a local area specialty known as pasta con le sarde, or pasta with sardines.

Local Day Trips: Take a ferry from Lampedusa to Linosa. There, you can find interesting lava rock formations to explore. You can also see some of the local wildlife.

Local Hot Spots: The main economy of Lampedusa centers around the ocean, so if you want to mingle with the locals, head out to the water.

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Are there other things to do in Lampedusa besides visit the beaches?


Are there other things to do in Lampedusa besides visit the beaches?

The beaches of Lampedusa are the main draw for many tourists, but boating, fishing, diving and snorkeling are also quite popular and can be done almost anywhere on the island.

In addition to beach-related activities, there are some great archaeological remains on the island. You can see evidence of civilizations like the Greeks, Romans and Phoenicians, all of whom occupied the island at some point. There is also a lot of wildlife to be seen on the island, including rare plants and animals. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of dolphins swimming close to shore and even sea turtles arriving to lay their eggs on Spiaggia dei Conigli.


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