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About Ischia

Ischia is a volcanic island that sits in the bay of Naples. Inhabited for thousands of years by cultures that favored its prime location, climate and therapeutic hot springs, it has retained its undeveloped, rustic profile and wealth of natural resources into the modern era.

Ischia Weather Ischia enjoys a Mediterranean climate with high spring humidity and transitional weather patterns all year long. Although winters can be cold, visitors enjoy warmer temperatures from April to October.

Regional Cuisine of Ischia: Rabbit, buonopane ("good bread"), fish, local honey, lentils, tomatoes

Regional Wine of Ischia: Limoncello, Ischia Bianco DOC, Biancolella, Forestera

Things to Do in Ischia: Festa della Ndrezzata in April, International Festival of Classic Music, Vinischia in July, Fumarole Beach, Pithecusae Archaeological Museum

Where is Ischia? Ischia is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples, sitting west of Procida and further into the Tyrrhenian Sea.

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Traveler Stories

Why I love Ischia

A Ischia stop was the perfect cure for my travel fatigue during my last voyage through Europe. No matter how far I traveled afterwards, I could always close my eyes and return to the serene palms and cool, white houses stacked by the harbors.

The few short days I spent on the island were enough to keep me refreshed for weeks to come. Each morning, I surveyed the entire city from Teatro Greco before setting out across the rolling hills to relax in the thermal pools or chill out on a beach. It seemed that no matter when my lengthy explorations through the streets made my stomach rumble, I was within a stone’s throw of a cafe or winery.

About the author

Miles is an explorer with a purpose. His trips through southern Europe have taken him past many legendary sights, and he’s a big fan of taking detours along the way.

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Why should I visit Ischia instead of a more famous island?


Why should I visit Ischia instead of a more famous island?

Although some other islands are more internationally recognized, Ischia is commonly held to be the most beautiful isle in the bay of Naples, and it’s definitely the largest, so it’s much easier to find yourself a quiet spot and settle down with a bottle of wine. There are numerous hidden beaches and towns along the coast, and the fertile volcanic soil hosts a range of tropical flora and fauna that you might not get to experience in other parts of Italy.

Insider Tip: Events like the Foreign Film Festival in June can be fun but crowded, so plan accordingly; direct travel is largely limited to boat and car.


Travel Tips

Things worth remembering in Ischia

Fun Fact: Ischia is especially well-known for its custom-tailored mud and thermal therapy treatments.

Must-Try Local Dishes: Ischitanian Caponata, a direct descendant of the traditional peasant salad popular among the local working classes, is an extremely popular, refreshing dish that gets you into the spirit of the region. It’s also a great way to sample the island’s famous local produce.

Locals Love: Ischia natives often head to Fumarole Beach to cook dinner in the hot sand and hang out with friends.

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What’s the best way to reach the island?


What’s the best way to reach the island?

Although there’s no direct airport connection, visitors can get to Ischia easily by taking a bus to one of the harbors in Naples and then riding a ferry to the island itself. The harbors in Naples and Pozzuoli are also pretty close to rail stations, so trips from the island to the rest of Campania are fairly popular.

Insider Tip: Remember that Ischia is both the name of the island itself and the biggest urban zone on the island. When traveling by ferry, make sure that you get off at the right town; otherwise, you might have to hike a few kilometers or hitch a ride to reach your hotel or rental accommodations.


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