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About Gran San Bernardo

Gran San Bernando is a ski area located an hour drive from the city of Aosta, on the Swiss border. It is made up of the resorts of Saint-Rhemy en Bosses, Crevacol, Etroubles, Flassin, and Ollomont. All are great destinations for families and for those seeking a quiet ski area with fantastic mountains view.

Useful Ski Info: Crevacol is great place to get a tan while skiing, with slopes facing south and therefore getting plenty of sun. Snowboarders can have fun in Flassin which features a snow park and a sledging run well worth a visit.

Lifts & Slopes in Gran San Bernardo: 22 km (13 mi) of downhill ski slopes, 18 km (11 mi) of cross-country ski slopes.

Ski Pass Info: Each ski resort has his own pass. Alternatively you can opt for the Aosta Valley seasonal ski pass.

Weather in Gran San Bernardo: Snow is guaranteed throughout the entire winter season.

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