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About Franciacorta Wine Area

Though not as famous as Veneto, Piedmont, or Tuscany, Lombardy is home to many appreciated wines, such as the DOCG Franciacorta. Here some of the best Italian sparkling wines are produced, such as Berlucchi – probably the best Italian alternative to the Champagne.

About Franciacorta: Franciacorta is a dry sparkling white wine made mostly by Chardonnay, but also by Pinot Bianco. Very balanced and soft on the palate, this white wine has a delicate and harmonious bouquet, with hints of citrus fruits, chamomile, jasmine and sometimes even vanilla and toasted hazelnut’s.

When it’s best to drink Franciacorta? 1 to 2 years from the harvest.

Pairings for Franciacorta: Italians love to taste it alone as an aperitif. The refreshing crispness of this wine makes it a great match to all seafood dishes, such as grilled seafood and risotto with seafood.

Where is Franciacorta produced? The Franciacorta is produced in the low hills between the cities of Bergamo and Brescia, south of the Iseo Lake, Lombardy.

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