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About Folgaria and Lavarone Ski

Beneficial Fresh mountain air and sunny winter slopes await you in the plateaus of Folgaria and Lavarone. Located in south-east Trentino, those are very popular ski destinations among Italian families.

Useful Ski Info: Besides downhill skiing and snowboarding you can ice-skate on the Lavarone Lake, go tobogganing and even nordic walk or cross-country ski. The network of slopes in this area is known as the Skitour dei Forti (Fortresses Ski Tour): 82 km (82 mi) of ski runs unraveling around fortresses from the First World War.

Lifts and Slopes in Folgaria and Lavarone: 8 ski areas, 40 lift, and 100 km (62 mi) of slopes. Slopes include 18 blue, 18 red, 1 black. Possibly the most famous slope in the area, the red Salizzona offers stunning panoramas over the forests and Alps. A must-ski slope try for expert skiers is the black Avez del Prinzep slope - 2 km (1 mi) of pure adrenaline!

Ski pass Info: The Superskirama pass gives you access to the entire ski area, with several combinations available.

Weather in Folgaria and Lavarone: Snow is guaranteed throughout the entire winter season thanks to the snowmaking systems. Expect sunny and not-too-cold temperatures during winter.

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