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About Favignana

Favignana is one of the three Egadi Islands off the coast of Sicily. This is a modest, peaceful town where the locals go out of their way to welcome the tourists who come to enjoy the unique beaches. The history of Favignana brings Italian, Arabian and Spanish influence together in one place. The resulting culture is delightfully unique, and the different influences on food and architecture can be identified readily. It is an important stop for many ships traveling around the Mediterranean. Locals are often fisherman, traders or workers at the ports.

Favignana Weather: July and August are the hottest months in Favignan with average temperatures of about 30 degrees C, or 86 degrees F. January is the coolest time of year with average temperatures around 15 degrees C, or 59 degrees F.

Regional Cuisine of Favignana: Tuna fish, ricotta cheese, olive oil, parsley, tomato, almonds

Regional Wines of Favignana: Favinia Le Sciabiche, Perricone, Nero d’Avola

Things to do in Favignana: Beaches, boating, Mattanza a Favignana, Calla Azzura, caves

Where is Favignana? Favignana is located about 7 kilometers off the coast of Sicily, Italy. It is part of the Aegadian archipelago.

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Traveler Stories

Why I love Favignana

I have seen many sunsets while traveling throughout Italy, but none compare to the scenes I have witnessed in Favignana.

Sitting atop Mount Santa Catarina gave my travel partner and me the best view of the setting sun. The sun dipped behind Marettimo, adding bright reds and oranges to the already beautiful landscape. Our photos will never do justice to the surreal beauty of that sunset.

Though that evening was a fond memory of Favignana, there were so many other wonderful things to do, see, taste and smell. From watching the ancient way the fishermen bring in bluefin tuna to attending a service at the Church of the Madonna Immacolata Concezione, my trip off the coast of Sicily had everything I was looking for in a vacation.

About the author

Christa is a travel writer and avid art lover. She has traveled throughout Italy and the Mediterranean over the past five years.

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What is the best way to get around the island of Favignana?


What is the best way to get around the island of Favignana?

Favignana is not that large, and you have several options when it comes to getting around the island. Most people will choose to walk short distances to the beach or to a local restaurant. If you are going a bit farther away from your lodging, bicycles are available for rent as well.

Buses are also available in Favignana, but they run on a schedule that tourists may need some help to navigate. Schedules are available online for the Tarantola buses that run throughout the island.

Insider Tip: Consider renting a scooter to see the island in style. The entire island is accessible via scooter, so there’s no telling what you will find by exploring on your own.


Travel Tips

Things worth remembering in Favignana

Fun Fact: The island of Favignana is often called "La Farella," or "The Butterfly," thanks to its unique shape.

Local Dish: Tuna fish is one of the most popular dishes on the island and is often served with local herbs.

Local Day Trips: Starting in Favignana, rent a boat and head to Carla Rossa. Fish, swim or just enjoy the sun while drifting in the beautiful blue water.

Local Hot Spots: If you want to do what the locals do, take an evening stroll around the Palazzo Florio area.

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What places should I visit besides the beaches in Favignana?


What places should I visit besides the beaches in Favignana?

Most people do come to the area for the lovely beaches, but there are many other things to do in Favignana as well.

The architecture in Favignana is very interesting, and there are many different styles to see. You will certainly want to visit the Stabilimento Florio and the tufa quaries while on the island. Don’t forget to make a trip to Forte di Santa Caterina. Some parts are closed to the public, but you can still explore the grounds and see the building. Fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling are also popular in Favignana.

Insider Tip: If you enjoy fishing, there are local fishermen who will take you out with them and show you the traditional ways they bring up fish. Look for signs around town advertising "pescaturismo" for such opportunities.


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