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About Cilento

Cilento might not be as famous as the Amalfi Coast or Naples are but this Campania area is indeed a paradise of sandy beaches and ancient Greek ruins you really shouldn’t miss when visiting the southern Italy.

Cilento local cuisine: white figs, artichokes from the city of Paestum, anchovies, chestnuts, “cacioricotta” goat cheese.

Cilento local wines: Aglianico del Cilento, Cilento Fiano.

Weather in Cilento: Mediterranean, with really dry and hot summers, and mild and wet winters.

Where in Italy is Cilento? On the southern coast of the region of Campania, in the province of Salerno.

Things to do in Cilento: Visit the Cilento National Park, the caves of Castelcivita and of dell’Angelo in Pertosa, have dinner the town of Paestum, the Certosa di San Lorenzo di Padula church, and the towns of Palinuro, Punta Licosa, and Velia.

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What should food-lovers do in Cilento?


What should food-lovers do in Cilento?

If you are a foodie looking for genuine culinary experience, then the region of Cilento has plenty to offer!

Visit the Novi Velia area to taste the famous “mozzarella co’a mortedda” cheese wrapped in myrtle leaves. For more intense and spicy flavors, try the “cacioricotta” cheese, a mix of goat and sheep milk cheese produced in the Mount Gelbison area.

Gioi is a town known by gourmet-lovers for its richly flavored “soppressata di Gioi”, a salami made of tender pork cuts blended with pepper grains.

Last but not least we recommend the “caciocavallo podolico” cheese produced in the “Vallo della Lucania” - small bits of provola cheese, with a sweet and delicate taste.


Palinuro - Centola


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Pontecagnano Faiano


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