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About Basilicata

With the first traces of human presence in Basilicata dating all the way back to the Palaeolithic Age, the region possesses a rich history. From ancient settlements such as the Metaponto Temple of Hara to the Castle of Melfi, there are many historical landmarks to see and learn about when visiting. The favorable weather and variety of outdoor activities in the area make this region a beautiful destination when planning a trip to Italy.

Basilicata Weather: With a typical marine west coast climate, Basilicata has the beautiful weather you would expect of Italy with an average temperature of 52 degrees Fahrenheit. With 25 inches of rain annually, the region is very lush with Mediterranean landscaping.

Regional Cuisine of Basilicata: Like much of Italy, the food in this region always includes fresh and local ingredients. Durum wheat homemade pasta is a staple of any authentic Italian restaurant in the area, along with hot pepper sauce that is known locally as diavolicchio, or "little devil."

Regional Wine of Basilicata: Producing only one DOC wine, Basilicata is home of one of the best-known and loved Italian red wines. With large vineyards scattered throughout the region, Agliancio del Volture is a favorite of wine lovers throughout the world.

Where is Basilicata? Located in the southeastern tip of Italy, Basilicata borders Apulia and Calabria.

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Traveler Stories

Why I love Basilicata

I wanted to explore every street, handicraft shop and charming, old-world feature of Basilicata the second our plane touched down.

After dropping our luggage off at a cozy bed and breakfast my husband had reserved months in advance, we changed into light, summery Mediterranean clothing and were off on our adventure.

Finding our way past a handful of unique shops and charming restaurants, the streets of the beautiful city of Maratea led us to an overlook of pristine coastline with a view that left us breathless. Cursing myself for leaving our swimsuits behind in our room, we settled for a stroll along the sandy beach and laughed as we watched children splashing in the gentle waves before the sun disappeared under the horizon.

About the author

Annie has visited Italy only once, but the beautiful country, delicious food and welcoming people remain a fond memory of hers.

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When would be the best time to visit for horseback riding?


When would be the best time to visit for horseback riding?

Due to the mountains scattered throughout Basilicata, it’s not uncommon for snow to cover the peaks during winter. If you’re interested in horseback riding during your vacation and want to enjoy some of the best trails and views that the region offers, it’s best to stick with the warmer months of the year where you’ll be able to access any of the trails in the area.

Depending on the locations you’re staying at, you may be interested in horseback riding along the coast or up high near the mountains. Regardless of when you’re planning your trip, it’s best to stick with the warmer months and book your horseback riding trip for the early morning when the weather is ideal.


Travel Tips

Things worth remembering in Basilicata

Fun Fact: Lake Grande and Lake Piccolo are craters left behind by the now extinct volcano, Mount Vulture.

Local Dish: Piatto d’erbe alla lucana is a simple dish that includes fresh ingredients such as eggplants, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic, basil and parsley cooked together and tossed with locally produced olive oil.

Local Day Trips: With the beautiful mountains and Mediterranean vegetation, there are several locations to spend the day horseback riding along gorgeous trails.

Local Hot Spots: The stunning coastline of Maratea, Fiumicello Beach makes the ideal day trip for anyone interested in some water sports or sunbathing.

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What are the must-see locales in the town of Maratea?


What are the must-see locales in the town of Maratea?

Set along the beautiful coast, it’s recommended to set aside some time to visit Maratea no matter where you’re staying in Basilicata. In order for you to make the most of your time here, look into checking out some of the enticing shops in the area. From handcrafted jewelry to clothes that fit the local weather, there are many authentic Italian goods you’ll love.

Along with the numerous shops, there are plenty of restaurants serving up delicious meals ranging from fresh-cooked pastas using local ingredients to warm bread baked in wood ovens more than a century old. With numerous restaurants to try in the area, you’ll want to spend a few days trying out everything Maratea has to offer.


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