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The Coolest Bars in Glasgow

Forget Edinburgh, Glasgow is the best Scottish city. While the millions of Americans stock-up with whiskey, tartan and haggis, 46 miles west you’ll find throngs of trendy bars, clubs and hangouts and some of the coolest Scots around. Here are a few...

Must-See Mackintosh attractions in Glasgow

For architecture, design or art history buffs, Glasgow, Scotland is a required stop on any British travel itinerary. Once the second city of the British Empire, it features numerous attractions characterizing the Glasgow Style, Scotland’s contribution to Art Nouveau. The Glasgow Style is...

Visit Glasgow with Children

Glasgow, Scotland has long attracted adults with its artistic, edgy vibe, but you might be surprised to find out how much there is for kids to do in the city. • TAG Theatre Company TAG Theatre Company puts on performances by and for young...