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Travel tips for your vacations

Top 5 Museums in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland’s capital Bern is a small city but it has surprisingly many museums and art galleries. Here are the most popular museums in Bern. The Einstein House Albert Einstein lived in Bern between 1903 and 1905, and here he also developed his famous theory...

Vegetarian Restaurants in Bern, Switzerland

Swiss cuisine is not the most vegetarian-friendly in the world, but incidentally the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Europe is here in Switzerland. If you’re visiting Switzerland’s capital in Bern, here are some vegetarian-friendly places to eat. Vegetarian food is easier to find...

Free Things to do in Bern, Switzerland

Switzerland is an expensive tourist destination but there are many free attractions and things to do in Bern. Bern is easy to get around by foot and most tourist attractions are in the city centre. ...