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Exotic Nature Reserves in Madeira

Sitting in the northern Atlantic Ocean the Madeira Islands is a Macaronesian archipelago that has been included in the UNESCO list of World Natural Heritage sites. Macaronesia refers to the bio-geographical region off the coasts of Europe and Africa and includes five...

Top 5 Beaches in Madeira

Though located just over three hundred miles from the African coast, Madeira is, in every which way, a part of Europe. A part of Portugal since its rediscovery in the early fifteenth century by the Portuguese sailors, Madeira has become a...

Top 5 Things to Do in Madeira and Porto Santo

The archipelago situated in the northeast Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Portugal is known as the Islands of Madeira (or the Madeira Islands). Offering some of the most spectacular landscapes and stunning panoramas that you will find anywhere in the...