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The Best Day Trips out of Lisbon

Though Lisbon is an utterly beautiful and picturesque city in itself, it is quite small relative to other international metropolitan cities. After a few days of walking around, the city starts feeling familiar and navigating through the city becomes a cinch. ...

A Visit to the Bairro Alto, Lisbon

Like so many modern cities, the outskirts of Lisbon are succumbing to ubiquitous design coupled with convenient but stark implementation. The Parque das Nacoes is a fine example of this, although the Aquarium there is excellent. The centre of the city is different...

Is Lisbon the new Barcelona?

Lisbon is sometimes overlooked when speaking of the beauty and attractiveness of the Mediterranean cities such as Barcelona, Paris and Rome. But take a trip to the ancient medieval city and you’ll not only find a wealth of history, that housed some of...