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Top 5 local dishes of Krakow

Whether passing through or lingering for a longer period of time in the remarkably well-preserved Krakow, Poland, you will most definitely be seduced by some of their hearty dishes. Though the times have changed, Polish gastronomy seems to have retained its traditions....

Top 5 Places to see in Krakow

Krakow is a beautiful city that has managed to keep much of its medieval charm, despite hundreds of years of foreign occupations, severe bombing during the second world war, and the drab conformity of the Communist Era. Here are five things...

How to Get from Krakow Airport to Krakow City Centre

Kraków airport is officially called the John Paul II International Airport of Balice and is located just15 kilometres from the Kraków city centre. Trains, buses and taxis connect the airport to Kraków city. A free shuttle bus travels between the airport terminals...