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Great Street Food in Rotterdam

When you are in a rush or have a hectic day ahead of you, sitting down for a full meal at local cafe or restaurant might not be the most feasible option.  Don't get me wrong; the food is great, the people are...

Top 3 Restaurants in Delfshaven, Rotterdam

Exploring Rotterdam can be tiring work; all that walking and snapping pictures with a new discovery around every corner. Pretty soon you get that nagging feeling, call it an "I feel peckish" for the those who love a light snack and "I...

Kapsalon: A Rotterdam Specialty

We have all heard the terrible joke - 'What's the best thing about Rotterdam?' The answer? 'The train back to Amsterdam.' And yet, despite common misconceptions of Rotterdam, Netherlands as the practical plain Jane, a discerning traveler can be delightfully surprised with Rotterdam's...