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Top 3 Spot for Collectors in Rotterdam

Sure, there are plenty of shops  for shopaholics in Rotterdam, but what about the avid collectors who have a special interest in comic books, intricate figurines and perhaps 1950s memorabilia? This article is for those you who, like me, share a passion in...

5 Toddler-Friendly Sites in Rotterdam, Netherlands

It's hard enough trying to find places that the entire family will want to visit. Add in your little toddler and you will definitely have your hands full, with your little ones yawning away at all the fancy grown-up places. You know the...

Great Street Food in Rotterdam

When you are in a rush or have a hectic day ahead of you, sitting down for a full meal at local cafe or restaurant might not be the most feasible option.  Don't get me wrong; the food is great, the people are...