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5 things not to miss in Rome

All roads lead to Rome. You’ve problably heard it before. But have you ever visited the “Eternal City”? For over 2,500 years Rome has been European centre of power, culture and religion. Thanks to all the antique ruins, roman basilicas and medieval...

5 Fun Facts about Rome, Italy

So you’re planning a trip to Rome and you’ve done a bit of research beforehand. You’ve worked out how to get from from the airport to your hotel. Naturally, you’ve made your hotel room reservations on Venere.com (wink, wink) and you’ve...

5 Popular Roman Pizzerias

Rome abounds with no-frills pizzerias that serve a variety of pizzas. A classic Roman pizza is crispy and wafer thin. Pizzerias with wood-fired oven produce excellent thin crust pizzas. Almost all pizzerias serve traditional capricciosa and margherita pizzas. A capricciosa pizza consists...