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How to Get from Dublin Airport to Dublin City Center

The Dublin Airport (DUB) is the main gateway to Ireland and is located just 10 kilometres north from the city of Dublin. Arriving passengers can use local buses, coaches and taxis to get to the city. Train Services There are no direct trains from...

How to discover Dublin through James Joyce

For many people the writings of James Joyce represent the apex of Irish literature and possibly even that of the English language, while for others his works, especially the magnum opus Ulysses, can seem impenetrable at best. People in the former category are...

How to Celebrate Halloween in Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is no stranger to Halloween. Bram Stoker who wrote Dracula hailed from here and the Irish people have been celebrating All Hallows’ Eve in various forms since the days of the Celts and it is thought that the Jack o’ Lantern originates...