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Travel tips for your vacations

How to relax in Thailand

A trip to Thailand is sure to be packed with activities – water sports and beach hopping in Phukhet and Pattaya, visits to temples, shopping at the floating market, elephant, crocodile and cultural shows and Bangkok’s pulsating nightlife. ...

How to avoid monkey pickpockets in Thailand

Monkeys are a very popular tourist attraction in Thailand. People enjoy watching and feeding them but should be careful, because monkeys can be very clever and steal food and belongings. When you visit the monastery overlooking the thinnest part of in Prachuap Khiri...

3 wellness and spa hotels in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand, is renowned for being a charming but chaotic city. Buses, taxis, motorbikes, tuk-tuks,... Bangkok's traffic is notorious and getting around town is often exhausting. So if you are planning a holiday in Bangkok, you may be looking for...