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Travel tips for your vacations

How to visit Hamburg for Music Lovers

Hamburg is a wonderful city of music. It is the top town for musicals in Germany and very popular for its musicals in Europe. If you are a music fan and you want to visit Hamburg, you should watch out for one...

A Great Day Trip from Hamburg to Lunenburg

Hamburg has some really nice sightseeing and culture, but if you have seen everything what you wanted to see, you could do a one day trip to Luneburg. How to get from Hamburg to Luneburg Luenburg is situated about 60 km away from Hamburg...

How to Have a Great Time at the Harbour of Hamburg

Container ships from oversea Hamburg is a wonderful harbour city in the north of Germany, which lies directly at the river Elbe. The harbour of Hamburg is internationally very important for its goods, which come from overseas with huge container ships. Those big...