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Travel tips for your vacations in a spa resort

Shanghai Top Tips

If travellers want to experience life in a futuristic far-eastern mega-metropolis then Shanghai is the place to go. Riding the crest of the Chinese economic miracle, even Beijing doesn’t have the energy and sense of awesome scale and ambition of Shanghai. ...

Top 5 clubs to let your hair down in Shanghai

The exciting Chinese city of Shanghai is fast becoming an important global financial center. However, aside from its serious business side, this exciting metropolis is widely considered to be ‘the capital of cool’ of the People’s Republic of China as it...

6 Fun Facts about Shanghai

1. Shopping paradise Shanghai has more commercial goods than anywhere in China outside of Hong Kong, making it one of the top shopping centers of Asia. Shopaholics especially love to explore the markets of Nanjing Road, the city’s busiest and most popular...