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Welcome to, the site that offers a safe and affordable booking service for hotel accommodation online. With you can book rooms (up to 10 people) in the best hotel chains and choose from over 200,000 hotels in thousands of cities all over the world from Rio de Janeiro to Rome. Although we offer accommodation worldwide, our heart lies in Southern Europe. Since our inception, we have been the Mediterranean specialists for online hotel booking and have recently launched a whole new section dedicated to Italy where you can find all the inspiration you need for your next trip in Italy

. Our site will give you the opportunity to read descriptions and photos for all of our accommodations, read what other Venere users have to say in our reviews, as well as check on availability and rates.

Whether you’re travelling for leisure or business, provides a convenient and secure service to book your next trip. Booking is easy: Check if your chosen accommodation is available on the dates you’re travelling and then choose the room and rate that suits (e.g. free cancellation or not refundable). With Venere, you always know what you’re paying before you book. We’ll also show you any taxes you’ll have to pay at booking or at the hotel when you arrive. For some properties you can even choose whether you want to pay straight away or later at the hotel! Just click on the BOOK NOW button to fill in the payment form and conclude your booking. It’s that easy.

Once you’re done, we’ll send you a confirmation email to the address you’ve entered with all the information you need before your stay. If your plans change and you need to modify or cancel your booking, don’t worry. You can cancel the reservation in your personal area for free, according to the terms and conditions of your room’s cancellation policy.

Registration to our user area is automatic when you book for the first time and a username and password will be sent to your email address so you won’t need to lift a finger.

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How to find a hotel
Search by city/hotel

On the homepage, enter the city name into the Destination box and your check-in and check-out dates, the number of people staying (adults or children) and the number of rooms. Click on the blue ‘SEARCH’ button to see the properties available that match your needs. To see the descriptions, photos and reviews about each hotel, click on the green “Book” button.

To search for a specific property, enter the name of the hotel in the white ‘Hotel name’ box on the left. If it’s available, then only that hotel will be listed.

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How to book your hotel
When you have found the property that suits your needs, choose the room and rate plan from the list and then click on the green “BOOK” button. Enter your personal and credit card details into the booking form, ensure everything is correct, accept the Terms and Conditions, and then click on “Book it”.

Before booking, please carefully read the cancellation policy that can be found below the summary of your reservation details. You can also make any special requests for your stay now by writing them in the white field right before you confirm the booking.

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Types of booking
Hotels on can offer 3 main ways to pay for your room: ‘Pay now’ (prepaid), ‘Pay at the hotel’ (postpaid) or ‘Choice’ where you can choose whether to pay now or later at the hotel.

Here’s some more info on payment types:

• ‘Pay at the hotel’ postpaid reservations must be paid directly at the hotel during check-in or check-out. Some of these rates, however, may be ‘Not Refundable Deals’. If this is the case, the amount is charged by the hotel in advance (usually within 72 hours after the booking has been made) and will not be returned under any circumstances (hence Not Refundable).

• ‘Pay now’ prepaid reservations are charged immediately by our system on the credit card entered during the booking. You will only pay at the hotel any extra charges incurred during your stay e.g. Internet, minibar etc, and / or any applicable taxes.

The payment type is clearly shown on the room and rate while booking so you’ll know whether payment is requested at the time of purchase or whether you pay directly to the hotel. Always be sure to check the payment method applicable for your room.

How? It’s simple and intuitive: on the hotel page you will find the list of available rooms in a grid displaying ROOM TYPE, OPTIONS & RATES and TOTAL PRICE FOR 1 NIGHT.

• For ‘pay at the hotel’ postpaid rooms, you will see “Pay at the hotel” under OPTIONS & RATES.
• For ‘pay now’ prepaid rooms, the method of payment will be shown on the booking page (easy and safe online payment).
• For Choice rooms, the column OPTIONS & RATES will display “Pay now or Pay at the hotel”. Click on the BOOK NOW button, and a pop-up window will show you the “Payment Options” According on which button you click (“Pay now” / “Pay at the hotel”), the reservation page will remind you if you're going to pay immediately on or directly at the hotel during your stay.

You’ll also receive an automatic confirmation message signed by This is very important since you will not receive any further confirmation from the hotel as our email confirmation is all you need to check in. In order to receive the confirmation of your booking request via email, be sure to provide a correct e-mail address, otherwise you will not receive the confirmation email. Don’t forget that you can also make a reservation through our Call Center by calling the following numbers:

Switzerland: 44.511.83.90


For all other countries: 0044.203.027.7155

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How to check the status of your reservation
You can check the status of your reservation in the User Area. To access the User Area, click on the “Your Reservations” link on the homepage. Enter your username (your email) and password, both emailed to you when you booked for the first time on

When you have successfully logged in, you will see the confirmation number of your reservation along with its status. The status of the reservation will be identified by the following entries:

CONFIRMED: Reservations confirmed by the hotel
CANCELLED: Reservation canceled
A-VOID: Reservations canceled by the hotel for NO-SHOW
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How to cancel a booking
Except for Not Refundable deals, all bookings can be cancelled in the user area before the cancellation window expires (as per the room’s cancellation policy). If you cancel a prepaid reservation within the cancellation window, you will be automatically refunded by our system within 10 business days (in some cases it may be necessary to wait for the billing process to end).

To cancel a reservation, click on the “Your Reservations” link on homepage and log in by entering your username (your email) and password. Click on the booking that you wish to cancel from the list of reservations and get access to the details page. Click on the link at the end of the page “Cancel Reservation”. Please indicate why you are canceling your reservation and then click on the red button “CONFIRM CANCELLATION”. To check if the booking has been successfully cancelled, go back to the list of bookings in “Your Reservations” and check if the status of the booking states CANCELLED.

Any penalties for late cancellations will be charged by the hotel for ‘Pay later’ postpaid reservations or by our system for ‘Pay now’ prepaid reservations. For ‘Pay now’ prepaid reservations, our system will deduct the amount due as a penalty for late cancellation from the total refund. For example, if the cancellation fee for late cancellation is equal to one night, 1 night’s stay will be subtracted from the refund of the total amount of the stay.

Please remember that does not accept cancellation requests via email, even if they have been sent before the cancellation deadline. Cancellation must be carried out in the system and follow the procedure explained above.

If the cancellation is not made in accordance with the procedure and within the deadline for cancellations, is not liable for any penalties charged to your credit card by the hotel for ‘Pay at the hotel’ postpaid reservations or missing refunds on your credit card for ‘Pay now’ prepaid reservations.

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How to modify your reservation
Unfortunately it’s not possible to modify a reservation in our system. You must first cancel the reservation, following the instructions above (How to cancel your booking) and then again follow the booking procedure. You can request changes to a prepaid reservation with free cancellation by calling our Call Center, where our friendly operators will be at your disposal for this type of request. Please call us at:

Switzerland: 44 511 83 90

Italy: 02 91483482

For all other countries: 0044 203 027 7155

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The information requested in the registration process is necessary in order to manage the bookings and are strictly confidential. All information is transmitted via Secure Server, with the highest level of protection possible.

Credit card data

For most ‘pay at the hotel’ postpaid reservations, the details of your credit card are only required to guarantee the reservation and are transmitted directly to the hotel via Secure Server, ensuring its protection. In these cases the card will not be charged. However, your credit card will be charged in advance the total amount for not refundable rates or a percentage /part of the total if the reservation requires a deposit. The hotel can also charge your card in case of cancellation after the period of free cancellation expires or if you fail to check-in.

All ‘pay now’ prepaid reservations require the payment of the entire cost of your stay at time of booking confirmation. These hotels are also subject to general terms and conditions, available at the link Terms of service

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Contact us
Our customer service department is at your disposal if you require any more information. Call us at the following numbers:

UK: 020 3027 7153
USA: 1-877-214-4288
Ireland: (01) 524 5487
Canada: 1-866-984-7711
Australia: 02 8023 8756
Spain: 91 275 4914
Chile: 1230-020-9008
Peru: 0800-54627
Argentina: 0800-4442278
Columbia: 01800-9-157303
Mexico: +1-866-268-8500
Venezuela: 0800-100-3648
France: 01 57323460
Belgium: 02 200 8514
Switzerland: 44 511 83 88
Austria: 0120 6091330
Germany: 0695 1709723
Italy: 02 91483082
Netherlands: (0) 20 2035100
Norway: 24 15 99 64
Sweden: 08 51761806
Japan: +81 3 6743 8535
China: 400-881-0239
Russia: 499 272 2031
Brazil: 0800-761-1711
Portugal: 217 616 226
From all the other countries: 0044 203 027 7155

Alternatively, send us an email at:

If you are a Travel Agency, write us at:

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