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Zurich Shopping Areas

Sunday, September 18th, 2011

Without a doubt the city of Zurich is Switzerland’s favorite and most popular tourist destination, if not one of the top European favorites overall.  There is much to see and do when you are visiting this culturally and historically renowned city.  If shopping is your passion when you vacation overseas, then Zurich is definitely the city to visit if you are planning on visiting Switzerland.  We’ve chosen a handful of recommended shopping venues and listed them here.

Zurich Switzerland Day

Photo by Pazit Polak

Bahnhofstrasse – runs from the main train station down to the lake.  Although it is not technically a shopping mall, as there really are no “malls” per se in the city, this area is considered one of the most exclusive shopping areas in the entire city.  It is also very expensive in some instances, depending on what shops you venture into.  You can find anything from Swiss chocolate and diamond rings to furs and unique gift items.  There are two fantastic department stores located in the area (Globus and Jelmoli) and you should be sure to visit both of them.

Niederdorf – this is the old part of Zurich and runs from Bellevue near the lake to “Central” which is right across the river from the train station.  It is more of a younger shopper’s venue so be aware of that.  Aside from all the fast food restaurants, the majority of the retail shops are extremely trendy.

Löwenstrasse – runs from Zurich’s main train station to just west of Bahnhofstrasse.  The area is anchored by the huge Migros department store branch location and a vast lower range of other retail shops.  It is well known and highly recommended by most of the Zurich locals because of all the outstanding values you can find there.

If it’s confectionaries and sweet desserts or treats that you are looking for there are a few worth mentioning. The following are our recommendations:

Sprüngli – without a doubt, this is a renowned institution in the city of Zurich and should be included in your agenda.  If it’s savory and sweet treats that you crave, Sprüngli has the best variety of chocolates, special chocolate bar candies, and truffles.  Additionally, there are multiple store locations throughout the city.

St. Jakobs Confiserie – a well respected confectionary with much of the same that Sprüngli features, only on a much smaller scale.  They are a favorite of the community because they provide jobs for disabled individuals.

Teuscher – the specialty here is their truffles and it is considered one of the more upscale shops in Zurich.  There are three store locations in the city – Bahnhofstrasse, in the Jelmoli Department Store, and Storchengasse.  So no matter where you are staying while visiting Zurich, there is most likely one nearby.

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