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Best Bakeries in Zurich

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Although it is not the capital city of Switzerland, Zurich is the financial center of the country and the location of the Swiss stock exchange.  Numerous national and international corporations are based here as well as media agencies from around the world.  It is one of Europe’s most popular winter tourist destinations because it is typically the primary arrival point for those visiting the country.  Due to the fact that it sits in such close proximity to the Swiss Alps, Zurich is oftentimes referred to as the “Portal to the Alps.”

Zurich Switzerland Sweets

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Zurich, like all of Switzerland, is the home to the world’s best baked goods and chocolates.  Bakery delights and culinary pleasures can be found on every street; so no matter what your pleasure is chances are you will find it here.  Additionally, the different breads that you find in Zurich are all delicious and there are dozens of varieties to consider.  Be sure to purchase yours first thing in the morning when the bakeries and supermarkets have just put freshly baked offerings out for sale or in the afternoon as the workday is ending for the locals.

We have taken the liberty to list what we feel are the top three establishments for purchasing baked goods below, while you are vacationing in Zurich.

Schoffel – It is a combination bakery, bar, and café that is a favorite of the locals.  It is said that you cannot get a better brunch anywhere in the city and when the weather is nice, outdoor seating is available for enjoying your tasty snack and taking in the view.

Conditorei Schober – located by Grossmunster Church, the famous 12th century Zurich landmark, you will see a handful of café tables sitting in front of an inconspicuous store front that hides one of the true culinary gems in the city, Conditorei Schober, which translates as Schober Cake Bakery.  Although it is a multi-level café, it is the cake bakery that gets all the attention.

Sprüngli – part of the world famous chocolatier Lindt & Sprüngli.  The bakery-confectionary chain has several locations to choose from in Zurich and is the most renowned establishment of its type.  Be sure to try the Luxemburgerli, the favorite pastry of the Swiss and the fish-shaped almond cake called Mandelfisch.  Sprüngli is also an excellent place for purchasing some of the best Swiss chocolate based on the affiliation with Lindt & Sprüngli.

Vegan Kitchen and Bakery – for the person who follows the Vegan/vegetarian lifestyle, and wants to satisfy that sweet tooth, this is the place to visit.  In addition to a tasty array of baked goods, they offer some excellent meal choices made with no animal products whatsoever (i.e. eggs, honey, meat, milk, etc.).

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