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10 Worst Cities for Single Valentines

Tuesday, February 4th, 2014

Valentine’s Day is celebrated worldwide by lovers to show affection for each other. It is done so by exchanging gifts, going for romantic getaways or having meals at prestigious hotels. It is a very special day for lovers but depressing for singles. Let’s have a look at the worst cities for single Valentines!

st valentine's day(photo by: Kristian Bjornard)

Phoenix, Arizona; this is a city where the highest percentage of people do not celebrate Valentine’s Day. They take it as an ordinary day for economic reasons.

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; despite its beauty, the highest percentage of the rersidents are either married or retired making it unpopular for singles.

Florence, Alabama; The city is characterized by high unemployment hence people prefer to save the little they have rather than indulge on valentines day activities.

Asheville, North Carolina; this is the best location for retirees but not advisable for singles as the unmarried youth are very few with low income.

Medina, Saudi Arabia; this is a city where Muslims are the highest population. According to their religion, they believe that valentine’s celebration is haram. This makes it impossible for a single to find a date for this day.

Morristown, Tennessee; most of the people here are undergraduates and are therefore not employed. Singles are also limited here as only nine out of 20 adults are unmarried.

Prescott, Arizona; Majority of the population in this town are married and unemployment rate is high making this place one of the worst places to find yourself as a date.

Kingsport, Tennessee; The low income makes life hard for the singles found here considering the high cost of living.

Lake Havasu City, Arizona; This location is best suited for retirees for the biggest population is people over 62. The cost of living in this location is above average while income is very low making the singles in this city to minimize their cost of living considering foregoing activities like dating.

Ocala, Florida; This location is flooded with retirees and employment rate is very low compared to the high cost of living.

In conclusion, when in such cities one can have a hard time in enjoying Valentine’s Day. If single you can choose to visit cities with high population and lots of employment to increase the chances of finding the perfect significant other. Or you can just escape from everyday life going on holiday! Great destinations are New York, Paris or Italy – what about trying out Sorrento hotels to pamper yourself while tasting excellent limoncello?

So, according to statistics are you in the right city?


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