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World’s 3 Most Travelled People

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

If you’re in the mood for travelling then read on. As the old saying goes “travelling broadens the mind” as well as adding to life’s experiences. Many people catch the travelling bug, it’s exciting and rewarding. Here are three people who have travelled the world.

most travelled people(photo by: Garry Knight)

Spencer Brown
Spencer Brown has travelled to every region in the world over a 23 year period. He has been described as the Indiana Jones of travel visiting the Congo, Somalia, Russia, China, Italy and Brazil. Adventure is what drives Spencer on spending as much time as possible in every country he visits. Up to now, he has travelled to an amazing 170 countries.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, is also an avid traveller, even though her journeys are often for business purposes. Hillary has visited 95 countries in the last five years. She is known as a hard worker and someone who enjoys the jet-set lifestyle. From Canada to the UK, Hong Kong to Italy, Hillary has seen it all. Her advisers make sure she stays in the best hotels when on state business or relaxing abroad. Bet Hillary has plenty of different visa stamps in her passport.

Bill Altaffer
When it comes to the world’s most travelled person, Bill Altaffer takes some beating. He has travelled to every continent and visited more than three hundred groups of islands such as Midway, Socotra and East Timor. Bill has clocked up over 450 days at sea, 50 crossings of the equator, 60 international date line crossings and has 130 visa stamps in his passport. Now that takes some beating! Bill Altaffer is determined to hang on to the title of one of the world’s most travelled man.

Why don’t you spread your wings and begin travelling? There are many fantastic hotels in Italy along with beautiful hotels in Brazil to choose from to get you started. Travelling is also a great way to make new friends and acquaintances. Are you ready for an amazing travel adventure of a lifetime?


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