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Top 5 World Heritage Sites in Croatia

Monday, March 10th, 2008

1. St James Cathedral in Sibenik

St James Cathedral Sibenik

Sibenik, or rather Šibenik, is the beautiful old town looking out over the Adriatic Sea, at the mouth of the river Krka in the south west of Croatia. The town’s most famous asset is the magnificent St James Cathedral (also know as the St Jacob Cathedral), on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list since 2000. Built between the 15th and 16th centuries, the cathedral was consecrated in 1555. A remarkable decoration of this must-see church are the 71 sculptured faces of men, women and children throughout the cathedral.

2. Historic town of Trogir

Trogir, Croatia

The beautiful medieval town of Trogir is situated on a small island between mainland Croatia and ?iovo Island. The historical center of Trogir is dotted with Romanesque churches and fine Renaissance and Baroque architecture. Influences from the old Greeks, Romans, and Venetians make this 2,300 year old urban center a must-see attraction for the traveler to Croatia.

3. Old City of Dubrovnik

Old town of Dubrovnik

Also known as the Pearl of the Adriatic, the old town of Dubrovnik sustained major damages during the 1990′s armed conflicts and is now the focus of many restoration programs. From the 13th century, Dubrovnik has been a major sea power and naval force and the city flourished thanks to maritime trade. The old city of Dubrovnik is home to many beautiful Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque churches, palaces, monasteries and fountains and is definitely worth a visit.

4. Euphrasian Basilica in Porec

Porec Euphrasia Basilica

The Euphrasian Basilica in Pore? is an impressive episcopal complex and its bell tower is a magnificent example of early Byzantine art in the region. Christianity was established in the 4th century in Porec and the monument is one of the most complete surviving complexes of its kind. The striking mosaics in the basilica date back to the 6th century. The old town of Porec is in itself is picturesque and very suitable for a lazy afternoon stroll.

5. Diocletian’s Palace in Split

Diocletian Palace, Split

Diocletian’s Palace was built the 3rd and 4th centuries AD and its ruins can be found throughout the city of Split on the Croatian Adriatic Coast. It is one of the most famous and best preserved historical complexes in Croatia. Among other things, Split also has 2 important archaeological museums and is a center of Croatian culture.

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