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Why Learn to Surf This Summer

Thursday, May 15th, 2014

There are so many reasons why learning to surf this summer is a great idea. Besides from having loads of fun, you’ll increase your fitness levels, tap into your inner child and relieve pent up stress. Surfing also helps to develop patience, builds confidence and you’ll get to travel to some of the most beautiful locations around the world.

surf lessons(photo by: Laszlo Ilyes)

Surfing requires stamina, upper and lower body strength, balance and coordination. Your mental strength will improve, as will your endurance and you’ll look super fit. Yoga helps prepare the body for surfing. It improves balance and flexibility, while push and pull ups develop upper body strength. Do lunges and squats to strengthen the lower body.

Tapping into your inner child keeps you feeling young. Remember how excited you would get when playtime breaks came around at school? You could burn off steam and run wild and free from constraints, rules and regulations. Surfing has a similar kind of effect. You are completely in the moment while surfing. You also alleviate stress, increase the release of endorphins and feel happier.

Surfing boosts confidence levels. When you learn to catch and ride waves, you’ll feel really proud of yourself. Your great shape will also add to your self-confidence. If you’re an impatience person, surfing will help you gain patience. It takes time and dedication to successfully catch waves and develop your own unique surfing style. The sense of achievement, once mastered, is also priceless.

Surfers travel to amazing locations around the world. Miami and San Francisco are favourite spots and Miami hotels are located close to the beach. Ocean beach in San Francisco is popular with surfers and you’ll find a great selection of San Francisco hotels located nearby.

So with all of this to consider, how could you possibly miss out on such a fun and invigorating activity? You have nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain. You’ll get to realign yourself with nature and meet some pretty interesting people and be a part of an ultra-cool, laid back and chilled surfer tribe.

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