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Why Is Iceland Such A Cool Place Now?

Friday, December 27th, 2013

Iceland is today regarded as the coolest place to stay on earth due to a number of factors such as the landscape and incredible nature. Even though the country is considered being on top of the global map near the Arctic Circle, during winter the temperatures are usually warmer than other similar geographic regions areas such as Paris, London, and New York, and in summer temperatures seldom go beyond light sweater weather. The country is also endowed with plenty of dazzling and dangerous natural wonders. The volcanoes are still visible, and with the volcanoes it is also possible to witness the waterfalls and glaciers.

Iceland in winter(photo by: aevar)

Iceland boasts of a rich welcoming history that can be traced back to the old days when it was mandatory for farmers to greet guests to their best. Since then such greetings have progressively been entrenched into Icelandic culture.

There are various activities that may be experienced by travelers visiting Iceland, and whether you are a photographer, a foodie lover, nature lover, or just an individual seeking some adventures, Iceland provides the best escape for any holiday lover, in addition, there are also numerous Reykjavík hotels that ensure travelers experience the most memorable hospitality experience. There is also the Thingvellir national park which is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Thingvellir is popular due to a number of factors – it is the exact place where the European and American continental shelf plates were torn apart, and it is also the original site of the world’s longest running parliament.

Another popular activity is whale watching, and this has been made possible by the fact that the country is surrounded by the massive Atlantic Ocean that stretches all the way to Greenland. Travelers may also visit the frozen icy glacier, an activity regarded as once in a lifetime experience conducted in aid of a super four wheel drive jeep that is able to comfortably handle the icy terrains.

Iceland also features the widely popular Blue Lagoon, which is basically a geothermal PA located inside the beautiful lava field in Grindavik. With the friendly population coupled with favorable climate around the arctic region, not mentioning the country’s robust economic growth, Iceland is the place to visit.


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