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Best Spots to Meet Penguins

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

When you are looking for the best spots to meet penguins it’s useful to know where to go for opportunities, here we have four of the best spots around the world for you.

Where to meet penguins(photo by: Anne Froehlich)

Home to the Magellanic penguin and Gentoo penguin Isla Yecapasela or Penguin Island in Argentina is a reserve established in the 1970′s. Breeding begins in October and ends when the birds begin their journey north each April. If you are planning to meet a penguin here stay at Del Bosque Apart Hotel Ushuaia which includes breakfast with your stay so you are ready for the journey across the water to Penguin Island.

Another majestic spot to meet penguins is Trelew, in Chubut province Patagonia Argentina. This fantastic reserve is the largest nesting sight for the Magellanic penguin outside of Antarctica. It’s possible here to get up close and observe the birds in their habitat. We suggest B&B La Casona del Rio Trelew as a great bed and breakfast to rest at before the big event. The action commences mid September until early April.

The Otago coast of New Zealand is home to breeding grounds of the Little Blue penguin and the rare Yellow Eyed penguin. The Little Blue penguin is the smallest in the world. The Yellow Eyed penguin has experienced a growth in numbers after a local campaign supported by world renowned ecologist David Bellamy. Join a tour to see these special birds; you might even see a seal or sea lion along the way. Rest up at Grandview Bed and Breakfast Dunedin, one of the city’s oldest restored mansions from the 1860′s before you head off for the day.

Australia’s Phillip Island is another home to the Little Blue penguin also known as Fairy penguins. The Little Blue penguins swim ashore each evening after a day out in the water. Called the Penguin Parade, it’s possible to see these delicate creatures waddle onto the shore at Summerland Beach. Join in the fun at the beach after a stay at Vacation Rental Central Cowes Townhouses – Cowes, close by to the Penguin Parade so you won’t miss a thing.


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