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Made in Italy: What Pasta to Order in What Italian City

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Italy is a gourmand’s paradise, with dishes of all shapes and sizes to satisfy even the most delicate and demanding palates. From creamy risotto and colourful pizza to authentic spaghetti, there is so much to delight and surprise the traveller when it comes to Italian cuisine.

Pasta from Italy(photo by: Hotel Real Fini)

One of the most exquisite staple foods of Italy is, of course, pasta! Specific regions of Italy each have their own take on this traditional dish, honed over many centuries. Our handy guide to some of the pasta hot spots of Italy and their native signature dishes is sure to get your tastebuds watering.

Emilia-Romagna on the charming Adriatic coast line is home to Tortellini. These rounded pasta shapes are filled with all sorts of delicacies, making for a hearty and delectable meal. Travellers to this region of Italy should be sure to try Tortellini alla Bolognese, one of the most renowned Tortellini dishes. Tortellini alla Bolognese contains a filling of spicy nutmeg, delicious prosciutto, tender pork loin, and other scrumptious ingredients to create a mouthwatering dish.

The Northern city of Bologna is home to one of the most famous Italian dishes worldwide: lasagna. Bolognese-style lasagne can use either a creamy white sauce (‘Besciamella’) or a rich and meaty Bolognese sauce over spinach pasta. When visiting Bologna, you will find that there are a plethora of different style of lasagne to try, from grilled vegetable lasagne to dishes involving varieties of meat and fish. You could have a different lasagne every day throughout your holiday should you wish! This fascinating city is worth a visit, so hurry up and choose one of our luxury hotels in Bologna, Italy to make your vacation perfect!

The sunny seaside town of Puglia is the source of the intriguingly shaped Orecchiette pasta. The word ‘Orecchiette’ literally means ‘little ear’, and the resemblance certainly is uncanny! Try this pasta with anything from vegetables and piquant sauce to grilled meats or lemony seafood.
Sampling these signature dishes is sure to enhance your stay in Italy.

Wherever you go in the country, however, you are sure to encounter some of the most inspiring and exciting cuisine that you have ever tasted. From peppery penne to farfalle fronded with herbs, Italian pasta is a dish you can never get bored with.

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