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What (not) to Wear for Naked Dining in NYC

Monday, April 28th, 2014

The thought of exposing your pale winter flesh to strangers may be totally horrifying. However, naked dinning is the better way to cultivate a positive body image to a bunch of friendly people of all sizes and shapes.

Naked dining NYC(photo by: Nainerouge)

Towel on

Naked buttocks at the table are always a big no. You should not take off your compress hat and other unnecessary things at nudist resorts across the globe. For reason of basic safety and health, you need to come with a towel to sit on. It is a massive useful thing a hungry nudist must have.


For the fate of etiquette, it is important to cover up your private parts with a napkin when you are at a nudist occasion. This is a good manner similar to not chewing food while your mouth is open. Everybody knows it is here and you all know what is happening, no one want to see everything during dinner. The fact that you are removing your cloths does not mean you have to do away with your manners.

Bra and vest

If you love naturist dinning, you need a bigger margin of control and coordination. Without your bra, and well-endowed chest, reaching out even a little might make your breast to get into a marinara sauce. This means you should not try to reach even if you possibly can.


Sit up straight. A good posture at dinner table is often a way to demonstrate good manners and good breeding. However, when you are naked, elbows akimbo and slouching are not only noticeable, but also create an outline that is unattractive as compared to when you have your cloths on. So try to be upright.

Most boutique hotels in New York will hold traditional roast and if you are first timer, you’re likely to keep your eyes on the roast the whole dinner through. But try and relax. That’s what these dinners are meant for!
Have you ever thought how naked dining is naturally relaxing? Well, you do not need to think about what to wear and you will never have the stress to loosen your belt even if you overeat. It is nice experience, try it out if you’re feeling adventurous.


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