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Made In Italy: What is Burrata & Why Is It So Good?

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

Have you ever heard of Burrata? It is one of the Italian cuisines that you will find especially in the southern Italy menus. Burrata is made from fresh cow milk. Originally, buffalo milk was used but this is no longer the case. It is not unusual to find spots where both versions are available. Burrata is supposed to be consumed while fresh. It has a creamy taste and feels soft on your tongue. The milk delicacy originated from Puglia, southern Italy.

Burrata cheese Italy(photo by:  Star5112)

How to Tell If It Is a Burrata

You can distinguish Burratas by the unique serving style. Unlike other forms of cheese-based Italian food, Burrata is not allowed to solidify. It is served in the form of a creamy pouch wrapped with asphodel. Inside the pouch you will find a perfect mix of milk curd and fresh cream. Burrata is best eaten while still fresh. The buttery and creamy taste is what makes this ball of cheese so good. Whether you love cheese or good food, try burrata.

How to Enjoy Burrata with Different Dishes

You can enjoy your Burrata as dessert, as pizza top up, on bread or even in its plain form. Tired of margarine or jam on bread? Try a Burrata spread. You could add a trickle of olive oil. Do you want your pastas and salads to taste even better? Eat them with a burrata topping. Let the thick, creamy and slightly sour taste melt inside your mouth.

Once you taste a Burrata for the first time, you will never forget the experience. Have it with any combination of Italian foods. It is so different from other cheese delicacies you have tasted in the past. With such an amount of probing, probably, you would like to try and make one of your own. There are recipes for that which are available in cookbooks or top culinary sites.

Where to Sample Freshly Made Burratas

Are you seeking for an opportune and pleasurable place to eat a fresh Burrata? Look out for an Andria Hotels sign on your next visit. Go there and sample the delicacy. It is something you will not want to miss again.

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