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Made in Italy: What is a Pensione?

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

If you are looking to see some of the world, then there is a superb accommodation option that will let you do this, called a Pensione, without having to fork out for expensive hotels, leaving you more cash to enjoy the things you want to do in your destination.

what is a pensione

So what do you get with a Pensione?

A Pensione is very similar to a bed and breakfast, but has some features that make it more like a hotel, but at a fraction of the cost. A Pensione is usually a family run establishment in a large building, with all the facilities that you might expect from a hotel. Another improvement on the standard B&B is the ability to be fed not just breakfast, but lunch and dinner too. There are optional extras that can be included in your plan, so you don’t need to pay on a meal by meal basis.

Some examples of this type of establishment

Pensione Leopoldo – Florence

If Florence is your destination, then why not check out the Pensione Leopoldo. Here you will find a very clean and well looked after building. With great food from the beginning to the end of the day. There is WiFi, kitchen and superb dining facilities. You will think you have booked yourself a stay in a top class hotel.

soggiorno in pensione

Suite Inn Catania

If you are looking for some modern style, great food and wonderful service in the heart of Catania, then the Suite Inn could well be the perfect venue for you. Take a look at the modern and fresh decor, beautifully designed rooms and extensive range of facilities. You won’t be able to tell that you got this bargain rental for any less than a sophisticated hotel.

This is an excellent and cost effective way to go on your travels and get all the facilities you would need to enjoy your stay. Why not take a look at where you can make use of the Pensione? You can see there is much to take advantage of.


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