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Weirdest Items Stolen from Hotels

Monday, February 11th, 2013

On occasion guests may feel inclined to pocket some of the complementary toiletries or maybe even a towel or two while staying at a hotel. However, some guests are a little more light fingered when it comes to stealing from hotels. Here are just some of the weirdest things stolen from hotels.

Image: Rosie Tulips

Grand Piano
Three cool customers strolled into a Starwood Hotel and decided that stealing the mini-soaps just wasn’t enough. As it happens, the men were dressed in overalls and proceeded to wheel the lobby’s Grand Piano straight out of the front door. It appears that all you need to steal a Grand Piano is the overalls of a workman and a lot of nerve.

Curtains and Carpets
A Travelodge survey noted that many of their guests took a fancy to their curtains. In addition, mirrors and light fittings went missing. Guests also took a liking to the carpets, so much so that they took a little sample home for themselves. This is not the only case of carpets gone awry. A Las Vegas hotel owner reported that one of their more confident guests had cut away the carpets in their entire room. Try putting that up your jumper!

Room Number
Taking a souvenir from your hotel stay is one thing, taking the room number home is quite another. A guest was found wandering up and down the corridors of the Franklin Hotel. When asked why, he told the hotel that he could not find his room number. It was only then that they realised someone had unscrewed it and took it home for themselves.

One hotel in Istanbul had to refurbish and entire room after a guest literally took its entire contents home apart from the desk, TV and bed. Basically, everything that he/she couldn’t carry was left behind.

Artwork and Fixtures
An expensive Andy Warhol painting went missing from the W hotel in Hong Kong and the chandeliers mysteriously disappeared from Shangri-La hotel, also in Hong Kong. Even stranger was the mini-bar which went awry from the Parkroyal in Kuala Lumpur. Those guests had better hope they didn’t pay for their room with their own credit card.
If you think these items were strange, how about the boar’s head fixture that was stolen from a Birmingham hotel? Or the pet dog which was stolen from a hotel owner? If you felt guilty for stealing the odd nightgown or towel then think again. Some people really will steal anything that isn’t nailed down in a hotel!

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