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Travel Picks Friday

Weird Stuff, Travel Gear & Strange Hotel Rooms

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Looking for holiday ideas?

travel guides

If you’re looking for a holiday destination but still can’t make up your mind, visit the fan page on Facebook, take our quick test and find out where you should go for your next getaway trip.

Step out your daily routine and live like hamsters

Check out The Guardian Travel Blog and watch a funny video shot at the Hamster Hotel in Brittany, France.  Featuring rooms with giant heel, haystack and seed dispenser, this hotel in Nantes offers guests the chance to live like a hamster for one night.

Weird Airport Stories

Check out and see pictures of the strangest things confiscated by airport security, such as snakes hidden in a Swedish girl’s bra in Stockholm, a bag of hashish stuffed into the battery compartment of a woman’s sex toy at Gatwick Airport, and, still in London, ten human eye balls swimming in a jam jar at Stansted Airport.

Essential Travel Gear

According to a survey by TripAvisor, 62% of travelers shop for travel books, maps and guides before taking a trip, while 58% buy personal care and 14% go for electronic devices. The survey also reveals that convertible pants, pashmina wrap and teddy bear are amongst TripAdvisor community members’s must-have travel accessories.

Are you a globetrotting genius?

Take’s “Landscapes without Landmarks” quiz and test your geography knowledge.  Will you be able to recognize Barcelona without the Sagrada Familia, Rome without St Peter Cathedral, Paris without the Eiffel Tower and London without Big Ben?

Photo of guide books by Malias

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