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Unique Wedding Traditions from Around the World

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Wherever you go, you’ll find a wedding!

wedding traditions

Lingerie parties with your friends, a touch of blue for the bride, eco-friendly alternatives to rice or confetti. No matter how different you want to be, at some time during your planning, you’ll inevitably come up against tradition. While brides still don’t show their dresses to their future partner, they often still drag their husbands-to-be around wedding shows and wedding dress shops before the big day. And while traditional favours like sugared almonds still appear on reception tables, the couple may also have organised their wedding on their new wedding website

So what about outside the UK? We asked 3 international wedding experts about the traditions still going strong in their countries. For all you international wedding fans out there…


Italian couples love international traditions, but the traditional Italian grandmas say that there are five things the bride must wear to guarantee good luck for the couple. Something new, symbolising the new phase that is about to begin; something old, to pay homage to the past; something borrowed, symbolising a loved one, usually a female relative; a gift, symbolising the affection of a loved one; and something blue (once the colour of wedding dresses), symbolising sincerity and purity.
Simona, blogger @ Zankyou IT


German weddings are full of traditions. One of those is the coin in the shoe. Both the bride and groom place a coin in their respective footwear, although his coin usually has the higher value. That way, the couple show their hopes for a prosperous marriage. Of course, while money doesn’t bring happiness, we say it can’t do any harm to hope for some good fortune in the future!
Yasmin, blogger @ Zankyou DE


While in countries like Italy the tradition of wearing a garter is no longer in use, in France, all brides respect this custom.

“Amid shouts and applause, a child of eleven, who had slipped under the table, showed diners a beautiful white and pink ribbon that he had taken from the leg of the Bride”. This passage from Vénus d’Ille by Prosper Mérimée comes from 1841. While that was quite a while ago, today, French brides continue to wear show their garters off on their wedding days – now in today’s trendiest colours of blue, white or pink.
Anne Laure, blogger @ Zankyou FR


Guest blogger:
Simona Spinola, Head of Zankyou IT



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