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Interesting Museums in Warsaw, Poland

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The capital and largest city of Poland is Warsaw.  The city sits on the Vistula River and is just about the halfway point between the Baltic Sea on the north and the Carpathian Mountains on the south.  Warsaw is the home to numerous beautiful palaces as well as a number of old mansions many of which were destroyed during Second World War.   Fortunately, many of them were converted into museums by being completely restored and depict a great deal of Warsaw’s and Poland’s culture and history.  The following is a list of some you should consider visiting.

photo by archer10 (Dennis)

Chopin Museum – here you will find many of the famous composer’s correspondence, musical scores, and a variety of paintings from his lifetime.  Two of the most fascinating items in the museum are the last piano that the composer ever played and his good behavior award that he received while attending school.

Historical Museum of Warsaw – the structure is comprised of 60 rooms of exhibitions which are entitled “The seven centuries of Warsaw.”  Warsaw’s history is depicted throughout including this museum from the time the city was founded, to its development through some seven centuries, the city’s destruction in 1944 during WWII, and the reconstruction that started once the war had ended.

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews – formerly located in the confines of Warsaw’s Judaic Library, most exhibits focus on the Jewish community’s materials and spiritual items.  The restoration and preservation of the Polish Jews’ rich culture prior to the Holocaust is explicitly pictured throughout the museum.

National Museum in Warsaw – one of the richest collections of Polish artifacts and other historical objects which can be counted to nearly 780,000 artifacts and collectibles.   Permanent exhibitions include 20th century decorative artworks and paintings, foreign as well as Polish paintings, and galleries containing ancient and medieval artwork.

Polish Military Museum – beginning in the Middle Ages and continuing on to contemporary times, the museum’s permanent exhibition depicts a wide range of Polish military objects.  You’ll see a number of 16th century banners and standards, firearms and weapons, and uniforms from different eras in Polish military history are all on display here.

Royal Castle – this stunning structure was always one of the premier symbols of Poland’s vivid culture and history.  The permanent exhibitions on display here feature a number of restored apartments that contain original statues, paintings, furniture, and other art objects.  The castle was originally founded in the 1400’s and was the home of the Mazovian and Polish kings.  The structure has witnessed numerous historical events during the city’s history.

With a treasure trove of historical monuments, upheavals and collections, Warsaw is a beautiful city that can be easily traveled by subways and buses.


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