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Top 6 Gay Spots in Warsaw

Friday, December 26th, 2008

If you are going to visit Warsaw, Poland, a capital of one of the most deeply catholic countries, it does not mean you have to ignore the gay scene there.

Times changed and now there are a lot of things and places to enjoy. Bother to turn on your gaydar and visit the following gay spots in Warsaw and you will not regret!

1. Szpilka Café Bar

This is the place where we recommend you to start your evening or go to the after party. Szpilka is a gay friendly café located close to the cruising area. Two thumbs up for its trendy interiors and nice breakfasts: Polish pierogi are great there!

Trzech Krzyzy Square, 18 – at the corner of Bracka Str

Opening hours: daily 7 am till early morning

2. Fantom Club

Then you should definitely go to Fantom Club. This place is one of the most popular and high rated gay spots in Warsaw where you can go cruising in. The sign says: MEN ONLY! Fantom Club incorporates a cozy gay bar, back rooms with lockable doors, video rooms, sex shop and a sauna. It is very hard to find, though. It is one of the places that are famous for what they offer inside and not for their outdoor signs. So, do not look for one and go look for a door bell: third backyard, left gate. The staff in Fantom is friendly to tourists and foreigners, though almost 90% of the men there are locals. The place also hosts theme parties on Sundays such as SM parties, under 26 parties and some other.

Bracka Str, 20a – located in the very downtown, in the basement of the Brzozowski Palace

Opening hours: daily from 2 pm till 2 am, Fridays 2 pm till 3 am, Saturdays 2 pm till 2 am, Sundays 6 pm till 2 am

3. Tomba Tomba

This place has suffered and number of government attacks attempting to shut it down. However, Tomba Tomba survived and now keep on cheering the gays up. It is straight-friendly gay club with non-stop parties on weekends. The best time to visit Tomba Tomba is in the morning starting from 4 am. The club has a very nice snug atmosphere, the staff is courteous and besides, there is also a Jacuzzi, where some people prefer to go naked inside. If you are in the mood for some crazy things, you might love this place!

Brzozowa Str, 37 – go down from the Old Town Market to Kamienne Schodki

Openig hours: daily from 4 pm til 2 am, nonstop on weekends

4. Rasko

If you are looking for some nice conversations and want to make some new friends, you should go visit Rasko that consists of a welcoming and intimate café, bar and art gallery. This place is famous for its clientèle, gays ranging mostly from 18 to 30. Rasko also hosts some Drag Queen shows and strip-tease that can be so much fun and make your evening. Besides, you can sing karaoke there.

Krochmalna Str, 32a – turn right from Aleja Jana Pawla II

Opening hours: daily 5 pm till the last guest

5. Utopia

This is the place that is known for the strictest face control and dress code in the city. The doormen are known for being the most picky. That is why you have to stay cool in the lineup and if you are lucky enough to get inside, you can enjoy an evening being surrounded by beautiful people, sitting in the nicely decorated place and listening to some of the most famous DJs in Poland. There is also a VIP room in Utopia that can make you enjoying your party even more.

Jasna Str, 1 – turn right from Marszalkowska Str.

Opening hours: daily 12 pm till 12 am, Friday 12 am till the last guest, Saturday 2 pm till the last guest

6. Wild Club

This is definitely your destination if you want to really go wild. This is a two-level sex club for men that has a video bar, video rooms and cruising labyrinth. Wild Club hosts delirious theme parties with special dress code that can be: naked, underwear, fetish. On Saturday nights the club gets really packed and the party goes on till the sunrise.

Prozna Str, 8 – this is a small street behind Marszalkowska Str, close from Swietokrzyska Metro station

Opening hours: Monday closed, daily 7 pm – 2 am, Fridays and Saturdays longer.

Photo of Drag Queen show at Rasko, Warswas, originally posted by pipp.pipp

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