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How to visit Hamburg in 24 hours

Tuesday, December 9th, 2008

Hamburg is a very huge city in the north of Germany and it is a lovely and famous harbor city.

When you reach Hamburg by airplane, you can take a taxi or a train to get to your hotel. This train is called “S-Bahn” in Germany and it takes you to all places in Hamburg, which you would like to see. There are always maps on the walls in the train stations, where you can see the route of the train and the locations where it stops. Every train route has a different number, so you can pick out the train route number and take a look for the platform, where the train stops. You can also take the bus, but that is a little more difficult for a tourist to find everything out.

Shopping and Sightseeing in Hamburg City Center

The city center, which is called “Innenstadt” in Germany, is located very close to the central station. It takes you about 1-3 hours to see a lot of shops in the city centre of Hamburg and start a little shopping tour. But that depends on your shopping mood and your money. The main streets for shopping are the “Mönckebergstrasse” and “Spitalerstrasse”. You can find shops for music and home entertainment, housewares, clothes, shoes and decoration. The new “Europapassage” is very popular for shopping, because it is an indoor shopping area with many impressive stores. You can walk from these places directly to the wonderful “Alster” of Hamburg. It takes you about 10 minutes to get there. On the way to see the Alster you will pass a lot of other shops and in this area you find some nice designer stores. The “Alsterpassage” has a few expensive shops in an amazing historical building. Close to this area is a nice shopping part of Hamburg called “Jungfernstieg”.

The Alster is a big river, which flows in the huge river called “Elbe”. The Alster and the area around it, is very beautiful and inspiring. You can walk around the Alster and watch the boats and barges swimming or you can sit down in one of the wonderful Cafes and Restaurants and enjoy some romantic hours there. Some really famous hotels are in front of the Alster and allow an amazing view over the beautiful river with a wonderful water fountain in it. Especially during the sunset it is a perfect romantic place.

If you would like to see more parts of the Alster, you can take an Alster barge. You can take some tours between 30 minutes and about 1 hour.

The water streets of Hamburg

You can feel a little Venetian breeze in the part of Hamburg called “Speicherstadt”. This area shows a historical stock for shipping goods in long buildings besides amazing water streets. Hamburg is very famous for his international harbor and those water streets of the Speicherstadt were used at that time for stocking shipping goods. This area is today a kind of museum with a lot of sightseeing inside. You can visit the famous Dungeons and spend some funny and spooky hours there. There is also an interesting spice museum, where you can see, smell and taste some special international spices.

The harbor of Hamburg is not far away from the Speicherstadt and you should really take a look at it. You can also take some barges to make a little sightseeing tour on the water through the harbor. You get a lot of interesting information about the historical harbor on those tours and you are very close to the huge container ships and of course cruise liners. The Queen Mary 2 is very often in Hamburg and it is impressive to see this wonderful ship so close.

Hamburg at night

Hamburg is very beautiful at night with all the lights. If you want to have fun at night, you should visit the Reeperbahn of Hamburg. It is part of St. Pauli and very easy to find. There are always bars, night clubs and discos at night were the party rocks. One of the party miles of St. Pauli is the “Grosse Freiheit”. You can have so much fun and there are different kinds of music clubs in this area.

Very famous is the Davidwache of St. Pauli. It is an old police station, which became very popular through a lot of TV movies and series.

Hamburg is also a musical city and if you like musicals, you should really get some tickets for one of the opera houses.

If you want to have some action in Hamburg, you should take a look at the Hamburger Dom. The Dom is a folk festival on the Heiligengeistfeld in Hamburg. You can have some action in some fast carousels or take a walk around and eat something yummy. The Hamburger Dom is four times a year and for everyone, who would like to have some fun.

Photo of Hamburg harbor originally posted by Giuseppe Bognanni


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