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5 Reasons to Visit Elvis’ Graceland in Tennessee

Wednesday, September 11th, 2013

Who visits Memphis without stopping at Graceland and walking in the footsteps of the King of Rock and Roll? Not only was Elvis Presley one of the musical greats of all time, he also kept his promises. Graceland was the realisation of his dream to buy his parents a beautiful home. Here are some great reasons you should see it while in Tennessee:

Visit Elvis'Graceland(photo by: designmark)

You Can Be A VIP Guest
Elvis’ love of gorgeous motor vehicles is legendary, and a VIP tour of Graceland allows you access to some striking motor vehicles. Elvis was full of surprises, though, and if cars don’t strike your fancy, then you can feast your eyes on his two private airplanes.

You Can Tour While Listening to Elvis’ Music
There is something spellbinding about touring the home of your favourite rock legend while listening to his music, and this is a nice touch. Die hard fans can enjoy his satin smooth voice as they tour his outrageously decorated home.

You Can See Elvis’ Jumpsuits and Records
Whether you’re an Elvis fan or not it is truly staggering to view this collection of famous stage outfits and the many number one records that made him one of Rock music’s greats.

You Can View The Jungle Room
A tour of Graceland would not be complete without seeing this memorable room, which certainly does its job to stir emotion and sentiment about The King’s life and over the top character!

You Can Buy a Dashboard Elvis!
Even if you don’t enjoy gift shops, you’ll probably want to invest in a memento of your trip to Graceland. Yes you can buy a dashboard Elvis if you really, really want one, but there are many other mementos to choose from to commemorate your trip to the home of this rock and roll legend.

Where to Stay While in Tennessee
The ever popular Resort The Peabody in Memphis offers 4-star resort accommodation during your stay. It is open 24 hours, located close to The Music Hall of Fame and as an added bonus, pets are always welcome!


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One response to “5 Reasons to Visit Elvis’ Graceland in Tennessee”

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  1. Eric White says:
    September 13th, 2013 at 23:48

    I’ve never been to Tennessee but I can’t imagine visiting Memphis and not checking out Graceland! I’m not even a big Presley fan… just GOTTA do it!

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