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Nightlife in Vienna

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

The capital and largest city in the Austrian Republic is Vienna, the cultural, economic, and political hub of the country.  The main thing you want to remember regarding the Viennese nightlife is that this is a very laid back atmosphere, no matter what time of the late afternoon or evening you are out on the town.  It’s amazing how nothing ever proceeds at a rapid pace and no one is ever in a hurry.

Vienna Opera House NightPhoto by SteFou.

This is mirrored throughout Vienna’s nightlife.  There are a number of bars and bierkellers (beerhouses) as well as numerous cafés and wine bars that you can wander into for a great evening out.  Here are some suggestions for where to go and where you can enjoy a great night out on the town in Vienna:

The American Bar – if you are a fan of art deco, the atmosphere here is right up your alley.  It is not only famous for its décor, but the architecture will take you back to the time when it originally opened in 1908.  Although the drink menu is a bit pricey they are very good and well worth the price paid for them.

Flex – if you’re 30 or younger and you don’t visit this establishment, you will have missed out on what the true Vienna nightlife is all about.  It is situated next to a part of the Danube known as the “Donaukanal” and is typically the place where many of the city’s artsy, Bohemian, off-mainstream individuals like to hang out.  The benches outside the club are always full of individuals relaxing with their drinks during the pleasant summer months.

Schweizerhaus – one of the larger, more popular beer gardens in the city.  The locals will quickly tell you that this is the place to get the best beer that you can find anywhere in Austria.  It also offers some of the best traditional cuisine of the country including the renowned “Knuckle of Pork” or Stelze.

Stiegl´s Ambulanz – run by the Stiegl brewery, this is the best establishment to visit when you want to enjoy one of Vienna’s most popular beers when it is kegged and at its freshest.  It is a relaxed atmosphere filled with modern furniture that the younger crowd oftentimes prefers, but people of all age groups frequent this establishment on a regular basis.

Siebensternbräu (7-Stars-Brewery) – considered the best biergarten in Vienna, they serve their own brews which are all excellent and deserve a try.  The bar food, a friendly staff attending tables, and the outdoor seating make this a must-visit venue whenever you are in the city.  However, before 11 pm you will want to move indoors because it typically gets lively and noisy after that point in the evening.

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    May 22nd, 2011 at 19:04

    What can you tell me about shopping in Vienna. Gift shopes especially.

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    Hi Judy, check out our blog article about shopping in Vienna at

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