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Top 5 Night Clubs in Vienna, Austria

Monday, November 9th, 2009

Vienna is one of the key hubs on the tourist map of Europe.

Every year inter-railers, backpackers and travellers of all kinds pass through this wonderful city and spend their days seeing the sights, visiting the museums and taking in the culture. However, when the sun goes down the party starts, so here is a brief guide of the good bars and clubs.

1. Flex

Flex is the granddaddy of Vienna clubs as evidenced by its longevity and prominent listing in the Lonely Planet guidebooks. It is also one of the most mainstream clubs in the city and so while it guarantees a good night out surrounded by beautiful people, anyone looking for a more underground experience may want to look elsewhere. The location is pretty central, near Schottenring U-Bahn station and right beside the Donau canal. Easy to find, hard to leave, it’s easy to see why this club has lasted so long.

2. Passage

Located in a subterranean passageway, the owners clearly went for the literal option when naming Passage. This bar cum club therefore allows visitors to party directly under one of the main roads of Vienna, the Ringstrasse. This place has a more underground feel (excuse the pun) than Flex, music ranges from funk and soul to advanced but obscure techno music that reminds people Germany is only next door.

3. Fledermaus

‘Fledermaus’ means bat in German and this may seem like a strange name for a club, but when you remember that the ancient cellars of the city where the club is located would have been infested with the animals until not so long ago it begins to make sense. This is one of the more unconventional clubs, they have regular events and imaginative themed evenings most nights where locals and visitors alike party into the small hours in a variety of outlandish ways.

4. American Bar

For those hankering for a less extensive party there are of course more sedate options than the above. I particularly enjoyed the American Bar due to a penchant for design chic and classic cocktails which make for a classy combination. Rumours persist about tourists being thrown out by irate staff after trying to take pictures without buying any drinks but this is unconfirmed. If you don’t want to take any chances then order a cocktail or two before attempting any photography.

5. Heaven Vienna

Finally, Heaven Vienna caters to ‘gays and friends of gays’ and puts on parties like only gay Europeans can. Based on the London super-club of the same name, this is the place for no holes barred night long fun (again, excuse the pun) with decadence and outrage assured. Anyone with social hang ups or an aversion to the exotic will want to stay as far away from this place as possible.

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Photo of Flex night club, Vienna, Austria, by Andreika

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  1. Adam says:
    March 29th, 2013 at 14:14

    This post is really cool, Will.I plan to go for a few months to Austria for a work.Unfortunately, not many of my friends will be there, but I need to find fun and I have to be derived from the tensions caused by the work :) I love nightlife and parties,so I going to visit one of these clubs. :D

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