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Veggie Restaurants in Budapest

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

With its charming lush green parks, inspirational museums, and a nightlife that is absolutely pulsating, the city of Budapest is Hungary’s capital as well as one of Europe’s most delightful and enjoyable tourist destinations.  It is oftentimes referred to as “the Little Paris of Central Europe” and “the Pearl of the Danube.”  Not only is Budapest the capital and largest city in the country, it is also the commercial, cultural, industrial, political, and transportation center of Hungary.

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However, what many international travelers are unaware of is the fact that Hungarian cuisine is comprised of a variety of entrées including Vegan and vegetarian.  It’s not just about goulash anymore when we are discussing Hungarian faire.  There are well over a dozen veggie restaurants in Budapest so we listed the most popular ones according to both locals and international travelers.

Le-Bar – this is a very small shop with only 7 seats and is an organic Vegan juice bar that gets extremely crowded during the lunch hour.

Loving Hut Budapest – the Vegan cuisine featured here is primarily American, Thai, and Vietnamese.  Coffee and tea with soy milk are also served.  The atmosphere of the restaurant is calming, clean, and spiritual in nature but not without its technological perks.  In other words, Wi-Fi internet access is available.

Napfenyes Etteremmenu includes Hungarian and Italian organic and Vegan cuisine.  Additionally, the restaurant features a juice bar and salad bar.  The menus are printed in English and German as well as the local dialect and features traditional Hungarian, Seitan, and pizza, all of which are served in large portions.  There is also an organic food shop attached to the restaurant where you can purchase faux meats.

Edeni Vegan – cafeteria style Hungarian vegetarian restaurant featuring a menu that changes every day.  Honey is used in some desserts and drinks, but the food is primarily Vegan.  Freshly prepared juices are available.  English, German, Hungarian, and Serbo Croat are spoken fluently here and the menus are printed in these languages as well.

Govinda I – Indian, Hare Krishna, and Hungarian Lacto deli buffet style and salad bar restaurant.  They serve a variety of dishes every day but there are two different ones featured each day.  The food is priced by weight.

Govinda Veggie Corner – deli style, Lacto Vegan-friendly restaurant and salad bar that serves Hare Krishna, Hungarian, Indian, and other International dishes.  There is also a take-out menu available and credit cards are accepted.

Macska – cozy vegetarian bar and restaurant with a menu that changes daily and features pan-vegetarian casseroles, salads, snacks, and soups that have a Hungarian twist.  The staff is fluent in English and extremely friendly.  The crowd is primarily comprised of young locals that love making new friends with international guests.



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