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Veggie Restaurants in Sun City, South Africa

Saturday, December 4th, 2010

Oftentimes called the Las Vegas of South Africa, Sun City is probably the continent’s primary gambling mecca and a great place for international visitors to enjoy some of their favorite games.  In addition to the huge casino, the city also features a golfing estate and an outstanding theme park. Additionally, it has all the amenities of any major city such as a cinema complex, a concert arena, numerous restaurants, and a waterpark known as the Valley of the Waves.

Vegetarian Restaurants South AfricaPhoto: DAJ/DAJ/Getty Images

Unfortunately, the majority of the restaurants in Sun City are franchised food outlets that do not offer much in the way of vegan-friendly or vegetarian faire.  Finding them is oftentimes difficult and you will have to make a number of phone calls and inquires as to which eateries offer this type of venue.  As an alternative suggestion, you are not that far from the capital city of Johannesburg and there are numerous vegan-friendly and vegetarian venues there as well as health food stores where you can shop and bring food back to your hotel.

Fresh Earth

Ranked as the top vegetarian restaurant in Johannesburg, this is a super-chic establishment that offers excellent meatless burgers and mezze platters that are sure to please any visitor.  Additionally, all meals are prepared by a gourmet chef and are of the highest quality and taste imaginable.

Fruits and Roots

Another outstanding choice for vegan-friendly and vegetarian cuisine, this restaurant is not only the best known eatery of its type, it is also the oldest and longest established one in the city.  It also offers lacto-ovo and lacto-vegetarian dishes, all of which are served with the finest, organically grown vegetables.  Additionally, all of the dessert cakes are guaranteed to be gluten-free.

Greenlands Wholefoods

This is a buffet style restaurant that features lacto, ovo, and other vegan-friendly dishes, all of which are clearly marked to distinguish them from those foods that don’t technically fall into these categories.  Keep your cash or travelers checks in your wallet as they do accept major credit cards at this establishment.  There is also a beautiful garden adjacent to the establishment where they grow much of the produce used in their dishes and climbing frames for kids to enjoy.


If you love Indian vegan-friendly and vegetarian cuisine, this is definitely the restaurant you want to try.  It is operated by Hindu Guru Swarmi Narayan’s devotees. This is a pure vegetarian menu meaning that they do not use any eggs, garlic, or onions in their dishes.  There is lacto or vegan-friendly dishes for every taste, readymade snacks, and a fast food menu to select from.  Visit them on the weekends when they feature numerous specials on their menu.

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