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War Museums of the UK

Monday, February 20th, 2012

Aside from the many attractions and cities that you can visit throughout the UK when planning a vacation there, there are a number of war museums that remind many of us of the key role that the four nations of the British Isles played during both World Wars. Though the subject is somber, but the facts remain the same. If you’re a fan of military history or a collector of military memorabilia, the following list of war museums of the UK will provide you with plenty to think about regarding these wars. And if you are not too keen on history, it still makes a memorable trip for the whole family.

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Bovington Tank Museum – one of the largest collections of armored vehicles and tanks in Western Europe are on display here.  Additionally, many of the staff members are some of the leading authorities on armored warfare.  This is an excellent venue for learning about how tanks have evolved over the past century.  Plus, you get to see many of the different types of these war machines that were developed during that period of time.

Imperial War Museum of London – oftentimes referred to as the “Mother of all War Museums” this is one of the more active establishments of its kind which provides information and materials for other museums of this type throughout Europe.  Additionally, the museum has contributed to numerous historical television documentaries.  This museum focuses on the wars of the 20th century.  It is a must-see destination while vacationing in the UK.

Imperial War Museum at Duxford (near Cambridge) – home to the world’s first jet airliner known as the Comet as well as one of the only places where you can actually tour the inside of the Concorde, the most sophisticated jet airliner in the world.  Of course, it is the home to numerous military aircraft.  In all reality, the museum is several different museums in one including one called the American Air Museum which contains aircraft such as the B-17, B-52, and the U2.  It is by all means the most impressive American military aircraft collections outside of the US.

London Science Museum – contains smaller but relatively significant World War II aircraft collections including the Gloster E28/39, the first jet aircraft of the Allied Forces.  More popularly known as the Gloster Whittle, the aircraft was named in honor of the man who invented the jet engine.  There are other British fighter planes including the Hurricane and Spitfire while at the same time, there are some Nazi innovations as well including the Me 163 Komett and a V1 flying bomb.

Though a trip to the British museum is always on the cards, taking a tour of the war museums is a completely different experience.


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  1. David Wright says:
    April 5th, 2013 at 22:43

    Your readers may also be interested in an exhibition called the Western Approaches in Liverpool. During the war this became a control centre for allied forces. About 150 metres away near Liverpool town hall is a plaque that marks the spot where the UK stored huge amounts of gold during the war.

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