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Girls Guide to UEFA Champions League Final

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

UEFA champions league is the elite competition in European Football since it assembles the best of the best from all corners of Europe. It is only the top teams in Europe that are capable of participating in the competition, something that makes the league interesting and worth to watch.

Champions league final 2014(photo by: Muladar News)

The number of teams that qualify for the competition vary across the top leagues in Europe. There are leagues that take four teams to the competition, others three or two but it all depends on the rules set by the UEFA committee.

The real competition starts with 32 teams which are divide into groups of four. The top two teams in each group advance to the knock-out phase of the competition which is also known as the round of sixteen. From the knockout stage, eight teams proceed to the quarter-finals and battle it out in a two-legged tie. The winners proceed to the semi-final which is comprised of four teams.

Two teams are knocked out in the semi-final and two advance to the final. The UEFA Champions League Final is not just a normal match. It is a show that is graced with glamour and hype in the world of sports and it is also an occasion that you should not miss at any cost.

This years’ final will take you to the home stadium of Benfica, Estadio da Luz. With a capacity that is higher than 65,000 the stadium is capable of holding enough fans from both teams. Also, you should not worry about accommodation as there are hotels near Estadio da Luz, Lisbon which are in place to take care of your needs.

Estadio da Luz Lisbona(photo by: Florent Dusonchet)

The hotels are located near the stadium with a distance that ranges from one to three miles and also incur charges for accommodation based on your stay per night. Moreover, all these hotels are really close to the underground and some of them are also well connected to the Airport. With all these in place, there is no better way of spending 24th of May 2014 if not in Lisbon.

Isn’t it a perfect gift for your boyfriend? Grab 2 tickets for the Champions League final as well as a hotel near Lisbon Stadium and.. Both of you will have fun! :)

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